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An award-winning dining experience in the vibrant heart of the UK’s capital of curry, Asha’s celebrates Birmingham’s proud cultural heritage of Indian cuisine. Our city centre location, close to The ICC and Symphony Hall, makes Asha’s the perfect venue for an after-work gathering, a pre-theatre meal or a post-movie curry. Signature cocktails and spectacular food in a stunning setting, enjoy the finest Indian culinary traditions in truly opulent surroundings. It’s everything Indian food should be.

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Biryani Festival – Limited Edition Menu

Asha's Birmingham

Biryani Festival 2019

Eight limited edition Biryani dishes have been carefully crafted to showcase a variety of flavours and spices.

Available at Asha’s Birmingham from early February. Download our menu here: Biriyani Festival 2019 Menu

Limited Edition Biryani
Calicut Gosht Biryani
£ 20.95

A GRAND INDULGENCE - Our take on the traditional Calicut biryani: home cooked lamb with onion and yoghurt, spiced with star anise and cinnamon, dum-cooked with ghee rice.

Chamandi prawn biryani
£ 22.95

ONE OF A KIND - Prawns cooked in a coconut cilantro pesto with lemon juice and coconut milk. Finished on dum with ghee rice.

Rampuri paya biryani
£ 20.95

MADE FOR ROYALTY - A masterpiece from the kingdom of Rampur, this biryani has baby lamb slow cooked overnight with saffron and lamb jus enriched basmati rice

Aloo mutter gobhi ki tehri
£ 16.95

SOUL FOOD - Comforting and soulful one pot meal from Uttar Pradesh. A form of pulao but more flavourful.

Thalassery vegetable biryani
£ 16.95

MALABAR TWIST - Seasonal vegetables cooked in coconut chutney and finished with ghee rice.

Chitrana fish biryani
£ 20.95

UNPARALLELED MASTERPIECE - Deep fried seabass cooked with ginger and cherry tomatoes, dum-cooked with lemon rice pilaf.

Chicken badyani biryani
£ 19.95

SAVOUR THE UNIQUENESS - Boneless chicken cooked with star anise in flavoursome biryani rice.

Chicken tikka biryani
£ 19.95

OUR SHOWSTOPPER - Biryani cooked with chicken tikka cubes in a classic butter tomato gravy, finished on dum with ghee rice

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